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Europrice is a Portuguese company dedicated to publishing and marketing educational toys. We believe that Playing is the best way to grow and, therefore, we focus our development on educational books and games. With these, the little ones learn while playing, in an easy and relaxed way. Founded in 1997, the company is present in +25 countries. Our structure comprises the best professionals in the creative, design and editorial areas, which allows us to constantly innovate. We want to make fun and knowledge accessible to all children!


At Europrice we believe that playing is the best way to grow. The stimulation of children through educational toys, whether they are booksor games, play a key role in the development of multidisciplinary skills. Through our product development policy, we actively contribute to the growth of future citizens by making this type of product accessible to all children.


We intend to be market leaders in the sector of publishing and selling books and games children in the European market. Through innovation and our team of experts, we aim to always offer the best educational content on the market. We also seek to continually create value with our employees and business partners. The company is based on values ​​such as excellence, rigor, innovation and honesty.


Excellence: To be achieved through the competence and commitment we put into all projects.

Honesty: In the seriousness of the commercial relationships we establish, providing an exchange of knowledge and lasting experiences with our customers and partners.

Innovation: In the added value we introduce in the products and services we offer.

Rigor: In the final product and in the interaction with our collaborators.

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